Create ISO Image

You now have successfully build all the necessary pieces to assemble an iso image which you can test and run e.g in qemu. To build the image you can take advantage of some convenient functionality of the L4Re build system. In

somedir$ /path/to/L4Re/src/l4/conf

you find a file called modules.list. Add an entry to the file, where $(ARCH) corresponds to your build architecture

entry l4_gingerbread-$(ARCH)
roottask moe rom/l4_gingerbread-$(ARCH).cfg
kernel fiasco -serial_esc
module L4Re
module ned
module io
module rtc
module mag
module fb-drv
module l4_gingerbread-$(ARCH).cfg
module x86-legacy.devs
module l4_android.vbus
module root--$(ARCH)-ginger.img
module system--$(ARCH)-ginger.img

Now get our basic config files with

git clone

Then change to your L4Re build directory and create a file called Makeconf.local with the following content (adapt to your setup):


Save your settings and build the iso image with
make grub2iso E=l4_gingerbread-$(ARCH)
This creates an iso image in ./images with the name given in the modules.list file

Run in qemu

You can start the iso image with qemu

qemu -cdrom images/l4_gingerbread.iso -boot d -m 512 -serial stdio