Building L4Android

This page describes the steps necessary to build L4Android from our repository. You can either do it manually or download our build script (x86 only now). The script will automatically download and build all the pieces you need to get you started. Make sure that you have installed the required build tools as described here. We've tested our builds on Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. Unfortunately the Android build breaks from time to time. We are working on a solution to stabilize this but if you encounter a build problem please use our prebuilt images instead.

Automatic Build

The automatic build is at the moment x86 only and can take a long time because it will check out and build the sources of Fiasco.OC, L4Re, L4Android and Android. Especially the Android build takes a long time. To start you first need to get our build script

git clone git://

Then create a directory where you want to build L4Android

somedir$ mkdir l4android
somedir$ cd l4android
l4android$ perl /path/to/ -l logfile -v

This creates the l4android directory and changes into it. Then you call the build script. The -l option allows you to specify a logfile where all the make output is saved. The -v option sends the output to your terminal as well.